Genetic analysis of fruit and shoot borer (Earias vittella Fab.) resistance in okra (Abelmoschus spp.)



Four okra varieties viz.,ArkaAnamika, Salkeerthy, Sel 2 and KL 9 of cultivated species Abelmoschus esculentus, and two varieties viz., Susthira and AC5 of semi-domesticated species Abelmoschus caillei were crossed in all possible combinations. The parents and hybrids were evaluated for resistance against fruit and shoot borer, Earias vittella Fab.
Differential response to fruit and shoot borer infestation was observed in all genotypes. The study revealed that the parents AC 5 and KL 9 are the potential donors of shoot and fruit borer resistance. Selection of genotypes with short growth habit, short flowering period and short fruit length will help to minimize the shoot and fruit borer infestation. Arka Anamika was
identified as a good donor parent in breeding for fruit number, fruit weight and fruit length. The hybrid obtained by Sel 2 x AC5 cross was identified with high marketable fruit yield and resistance to fruit and shoot borer, and field tolerance to Yellow VeinMosaic Virus.


Abelmoschus esculentus; Earias vitella; okra; host plant resistance

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