Bio-efficacy of cyantraniliprole, a new molecule against Scelodonta strigicollis Motschulsky and Spodoptera litura Fabricius in grapes



Field experiments were conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of cyantraniliprole in comparison with recommended insecticides against flea beetle, Scelodonta strigicollis and caterpillar, Spodoptera litura in table grapes for two seasons. In addition, laboratory bioassays were also conducted to confirm the results. None of the tested doses of cyantraniliprole caused significant mortality of  S. strigicollis in both laboratory and field experiments. However, in field experiments, the leaf damage reduction was significantly higher in vines treated with cyantraniliprole as compared to untreated check indicating antifeedant effects of cyantraniliprole. Cyantraniliprole at the rate of 80 g a.i./ha resulted in highest leaf damage reduction and was at par with cyantraniliprole at the rate of 70 g a.i./ha and thiamethoxam and spinosad during 2010 and with only spinosad during 2011. The highest population reduction of S. strigicollis were observed in thiamethoxam at the rate of 62.5 g a.i./ha and spinosad at the rate of 112.5 g a.i./ha which were at par with each other and superior over all the doses of cyantraniliprole.  When evaluated against S. litura, cyantraniliprole at the rate of 0.5, 0.6 and 0.7 ml/L water resulted in 100 percent mortality at 72 hours after exposure during laboratory bioassays. In field experiments, cyantraniliprole at the rate of 70 and 80 g a.i./ha was most effective and at par with spinosad in reducing S. litura population.


Cyantraniliprole, Scelodonta strigicollis, Spodoptera litura, Vitis vinifera

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