Infestation of tortoise beetle, Cassida exilis Boheman (Coleoptera: Cassidinae) on Kinnow mandarin in India



Kinnow Mandarin is an important citrus fruit crop of Punjab. Forty insect and mite pests have been recorded infesting different parts of Kinnow tree. During surveys for insect-pests of Kinnow Mandarin, adults of tortoise beetle, Cassida exilis Boheman were observed for the first time in 2009 in the orchards of Punjab Agricultural University, and in farmers orchards in Ludhiana, Punjab, India during end June-September i.e. rainy reason. The adult cause damage to the leaves of Kinnow trees by scrapping and biting the green tissue, making small holes. As many as 23 holes were observed per leaf. Infested plants are easily recognizable because of typical feeding pattern of making small holes. The perusal of the literatures revealed that there is no record of incidence of C. exilis on Kinnow in India. So, it is concluded that Kinnow Mandarin is a new host plant for adult beetle, C. exilis from Punjab, India.



Kinnow mandarin; Punjab; tortoise beetle

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