Evaluation of crop protection measures against wild boar (Sus scrofa) damage on Chinese potato [Solonostemonrotun difolius (Poir) Morton] in Kerala



Crop depredation by wild boar had alarminglyincreased in recent years due to their abruptlyincreased population.
A study was carried out from 2013 to 2015 under All-India Network Project on Vertebrate Pest Management (AINP-VPM) at
Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) to evaluate the effectiveness of physical barriers and an olfactory repellent (BoRep)
against wild boar damage in Chinese potato, Solonostemonrotun difolius (Poir) Morton. Among different management
measures, olfactory repellent (Bo Rep) and physical barrier with nylon net around the field in a particular fashion were found
to be the most effective methods which resulted in nocrop damage and higher yield. The yield varied from 1192.65kg to 1478
kg/plot in fields protected with olfactory repellent and 1160.43 kg to 1383.17 kg in field protected with physical barrier with
nylon net as against 792.28 kg to1105.5 kg in unprotected field. An increase in tuber yield to the tune of 22.96 to 29.9 per cent
and 20.04 to 23.11 percent was observed in plot protected with olfactory repellent and nylon net, respectively over unprotected

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