Pediobius imbrues (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), a promising parasitoid of coconut slug caterpillar, Macroplectra nararia Moore (Lepidoptera : Limacodidae) in Andhra Pradesh



The coconut slug caterpillar Macroplectra nararia Moore (Limacodidae:Lepidoptera) incidence on coconut and
its inter crops was being observed in Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh regularly from 2009 . Though many parasitoids
were identified against this sporadic pest none are amenable for laboratory rearing . In March 2015 a new larval parasitoid
Pediobius imbrues ( Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) with a natural incidence ranging from 2-10 % was observed in slug caterpillar
affected gardens and laboratory studies of this parasitoid revealed that it is hyper parasitoid on Bracon hebetor and its
parasitization efficiency and longevity on slug caterpillar was recorded . In preliminary field efficacy study of P. imbrues
against slug caterpillar M. nararia 41.41 per cent parasitisation was recorded. Therefore, the utility of P. imbrues can be
explored is a potential parasitoid for slug caterpillar M. nararia in coconut plantations in view of difficulty and undesirable
effects of chemical management.

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