Efficacy of different management schedules against mango shoot gall psylla, Apsylla cistellata (Buckton) (Hemiptera: Psyllidae)



A study was undertaken in mango orchards (cv. Dushehari) to evaluate different management schedules (MS) against shoot gall psylla Apsylla cistellata at four locations viz., Braijalalpur and Barabhari in Sitapur district and Sohawal and Katrauli in Faizabad district for two years. Among the management schedules, MS-II comprising of first spray with profenophos was found superior with lower nymphs(4.58) per in situ ovipositional slit. Among the management schedules the lowest number of infested shoots (2.22 infested shoots/5 shoots) were observed in MS-IV, however in other management schedules also number of infested shoots were found on par each other except control. Lowest number of galls/shoot was recorded in MS- IV with 8.1 galls /shoot. Lowest number of nymphs/gall was observed in MS-IV with 3.80 nymphs/gall,MS-I, MS-II, MS-IV was found on par each other. With considering the lower number of infests shoots, galls/infested shoot and nymphs/gall MS-IV was found effective in reducing the shoot gall psylla infestation. This management can be used for effective management of the mango shoot gall psylla.


Apsylla, mango, management, gall psylla

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