Management of jasmine leaf webworm, Nausinoe geometralis Guenee in Jasminum sambac L.



The efficacy of five botanicals and eleven insecticides was evaluated against jasmine leaf webworm, Nausinoe geometralis (Guenee) infesting Jasminum sambac. Among the botanicals, NSKE @ 5.0 per cent was found to be the most effective in reducing the infestation of N. geometralis by more than 60 per cent followed by notchi (V.
negundo) leaf extract, pungam oil, sweet flag (A. calamus) and wild sage (L. camara) leaf extract were able to reduce the infestation by 39.10, 34.78, 28.99 and 27.54 per cent, respectively. Chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC was the best treatment recording the greatest reduction of 82.60 per cent followed by flubendiamide 39.35 SC stood next and was followed by spinosad 45 SC; the reduction was 79.71 and 71.01 per cent respectively.


Bioefficacy, botanicals, insecticides, jasmine, leaf webworm

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