Studies on the biological parameters of Helopeltis antonii Sign. (Hemiptera: Miridae) on Psidium guajava L.

P.N. Ganga Vishalakshy, C Swathi, Frenita Lewis


A study was carried out on the biological parameters of Tea mosquito bug, Helopeltis antonii Sign. on guava. The development of H. anotnii on guava was completed within a period of 25.2 days with an incubation period of 12.8 and nymphal period consisting of five instars with 12.4 days respectively. Females had longevity of 25.2 days with pre- oviposition and oviposition periods of 5.5 and 14.7days respectively. Egg laying was recorded in all stage of fruits. Eggs were inserted into the tissues or laid externally on fruits singly or in groups. The per cent survival of different nymphal instars ranged from 82.3 to 94.3. Immature fruits were the most preferred for feeding by the pest. The feeding scars made by the pest were initially dotted black spots that enlarge in area and merge with increase in fruit age. Immature fruits dry and fall while mature fruits develop scabby appearance of unmarketable value


Biology, guava, Helopeltis antonii

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