Bioecology, damage and management of bud worm, Hendecasis duplifascialisis Hampson : An overview



Jasminum multiflorum, a non-fragrant flower species is mainly grown by small and marginal farmers in southern districts of Karnataka. The budworm, Hendecasis duplifascialisis Hampson has been posing a serious threat to jasmine cultivation in recent years. The species J. multiflorum is more prone to the bud worm attack. The total life cycle of the bud worm on J. multiflorum was found to be 27 ± 1.82 days. The natural enemy complex of bud worm includes the coccinellid and neuropteran predators, parasitoids like Bracon sp., Phanerotoma hendecasiella, Brachymeria sp. and Xanthopimpla sp. The green labled chemicals like chlorantraniliprole 18.5 SC, flubendiamide 480 SC, and spinosad 45 SC were more effective against bud worm and at the same time these chemicals are comparatively safe for those
working every day in jasmine gardens.


Jasmine, bud worm, biology, damage, natural enemy, review

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