Presale tickets vs general sale : Which is better & Why?

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Presale tickets vs general sale, Which one is cheaper or better?

When it comes to buying tickets for events, you might come across two different phases presale and general sale.

Amidst the anticipation, a burning question arises: which option is more affordable or offers a better experience?

Brace yourself as we embark on a journey to explore the key distinctions between presale and general sale tickets In today’s article.

Presale tickets vs general : The Difference

Certainly! Using a table to understand the differences between presale tickets and general sale tickets is a helpful approach & Easy to understand. So Let’s begin.

TypePresaleGeneral Sale
AvailabilityLimited quantity and access to selected groupsOpen to all the general public
TimingAvailable before the general saleAvailable after the presale period ends
AccessSpecific criteria or memberships may be requiredNo specific requirements
QuantityLimited availabilityLarger availability
Seat SelectionBetter chance of securing preferred seatsLimited seat selection due to higher competition
CompetitionLess competition as limited to select groupsMore competition from the general public
Ticket PricesMay have discounted prices or special offersSold at regular prices
Early Access to EventsMay provide early entry or special accessRegular entry at event times
ExclusivityProvides a sense of exclusivityOpen to a wider audience
Special PackagesExclusive access to special packages or VIP experiencesAvailability may vary
Fan EngagementFosters stronger fan engagementAccessible to a wider range of attendees
Marketing and PromotionsUsed to create buzz and generate early salesTargets a wider audience

Refunds and ExchangesMostly No Refund, No exchange policySubject to event organizer’s terms
Scalping and ResellingMay have stricter regulations or limitationsVaries based on event and platform
Ticketing PlatformsAvailable through specific platforms or partnersSold through various ticketing platforms
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I hope my explanation has helped you understand the core differences between presale tickets and general sale tickets.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

Presale tickets vs general sale - difference between presale and general sale tickets

Now, Please take a look at Most asked FAQ by Ticketmaster, livenations fans!!!!

FAQ – Answers in short

What are difference between presale and general sale tickets?

Presale tickets have limited availability and are accessible to select groups before the general public, while general sale tickets are open to everyone after the presale period ends.

Presale tickets may require meeting specific criteria or having memberships, whereas general sale tickets have no such requirements.

Additionally, presale tickets often offer a better chance of securing preferred seats due to lower competition, and they may also come with discounted prices or special offers compared to regular-priced general sale tickets.

Are presale tickets better than general sale?

Whether presale tickets are better than general sale tickets is subjective and depends on individual preferences.

Presale tickets offer advantages like early access, better seat selection, and potential discounts, making them attractive for dedicated fans.

However, general sale tickets provide broader availability and are suitable for the general public without specific criteria or memberships.

In my opinion, presale tickets are a great option for ensuring you can get tickets for your favorite artist. On the other hand, general tickets are for artists that you may have less interest in.

Are presale tickets cheaper?

The price of presale tickets can vary. Sometimes, presale tickets are cheaper because organizers and artists offer discounts during this period.

However, for popular events and concerts, presale tickets can be more expensive. The price depends on the demand and popularity of the concert or event.

So, it’s important to consider the specific concert or event and its level of popularity to determine whether presale tickets are cheaper or more expensive.


In summary, presale tickets and general sale tickets have their own unique characteristics.

Presale tickets offer early access, better seat choices, and potential discounts, but they are limited in availability and may have specific requirements.

General sale tickets, on the other hand, are open to everyone with a wider availability, but they may face more competition and fewer perks. Ultimately, the decision between presale and general sale tickets depends on personal preferences, the event itself, and factors like ticket availability and desired benefits.

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